Laptop Buying Guide, How to Buy a laptop [2019 Updated]

Searching for how to buy a laptop? Before buying a laptop you should read full buyers guide to buy a laptop. Because there are many factors that affect your laptop performance like RAM, Storage, Graphics, Display and much more.

Well, there are lots of questions arrives like what laptop should I buy? how to buy a laptop? and much more. Thus I have created a laptop buying guide to buy a perfect laptop for your requirements.

Better the configurations faster the performance. If your work is not much heavy and for light use like everyday activities, surfing the web, streaming, etc. then you should go for the low-end specifications.

laptop performance depends on varies factors like RAM, Processors, Storage, and Graphics. Performance depends on combinations of these factors.

Here is the laptop buying guide which will help you to buy a laptop which suitable for your requirements.

First of all, you need to know about the purpose to buy a laptop.

Light Work: For everyday simple uses like streaming videos, watching movies, surfing the internet, writing mail.

Medium Work: For medium gaming on low or medium graphics depends on the hardware requirements. Those who open multiple tabs and windows at the time these laptops re very useful. Simple photo editing, document editing typing work, etc.

Heavy Work: If you are a gamer, developer, programmer or designer then these types of laptops are very useful for heavy works. For applications that require high specifications like Photoshop CC, video editing, and much more. These heavy work laptops are suitable for content creators.

1. Operating System(OS)

operating system

The responsibility of the OS is to manage the hardware of the laptop, which includes the management of files, documents, memory, and all the connected devices. You cannot run your laptop or computer without the operating system.

There are different kinds of OS available which you can install. It is always better to buy laptops that come with the pre-installed OS, so you do not need to install OS manually.


windows history

It is the widely used OS which do not come with preinstalled in most of the laptops. you have to separately install this OS. Windows 10 is the latest OS. There are two common variants of the Windows 10 OS, namely the Windows 10 Pro Edition, and the Windows 10 Home Edition.

laptop with a pre-installed Windows OS is more expensive than a laptop that does not come with an OS. Windows OS is suitable for business persons and professional users whereas the latter is excellent for domestic use.

Mac OS


macOS is designed and developed by Apple. Apple laptops are installed with Mac OS. The macOS is better as compared to Windows OS. Laptops with macOS or Apple laptops are more expensive than the other laptops.

Specific software programs work better on the macOS than they do on the Windows computers. Secondly, MacOS helps Apple laptops and computers to achieve better battery life.


linux OS

The Linux OS is an open-source operating system that you can download for free from the internet. This OS is available in lots of variants.

2. Display

laptop display

Choose the right display and screen size for your laptop. For gaming and 4K video streaming display size and screen resolutions matters. For better viewing and clear visuals, screen resolutions play an important role. Higher screen resolutions higher the visual experience.

Display Resolution

Higher the display resolution sharper and clearer the viewing. Prices will be vary depending on the screen resolution you want. higher the screen resolution higher the price.

display resolutions
HD Display

Generally, all the laptops with HD display have 1366×768 pixels count which is sufficient for watching movies and playing basic graphics games. Available in a low budget.

Full HD Display

it has a pixel count of 1920×1080 pixels which is available in high-end laptops for better display quality and clarity. This display is best for watching full HD movies and videos and also playing games. For graphics-rich games, this display is best.

4K and Ultra-HD

The 4k or Ultra-HD laptops are very expensive as its resolutions are 4 times greater than the Full HD display. this display created sharper and clearer images. It has resolutions of 3840 x 2160 pixels which will enhance your video experience.

Playing high graphics games on this display is an amazing experience. Each and every detail can be seen into this display

Screen Size

laptop screen size

Laptop screens come in various sizes. You have the 11-inch screens as well as the 17-inch screens. The ideal one should be around 15 to 15.6-inches.

However, the larger the screen, the heavier is the laptop. The bigger the screen size, the better it is for viewing. If you are searching for laptop which is light and comfortable to carry then go for 13 to 14-inch screens. For gaming, I prefer a 15.6 to a 17-inch display.

Touch Screen

touch screen laptops

Some 2 in 1 laptop compatible with touchscreen enables you to directly operate through the screen. The user gets a tablet or smartphone-like feel with touch screen laptops. Touch screen laptops enables you to scroll, zoom, and other touch screen features which can be found on laptop and tablets.

Refresh Rate

display refresh rate

The refresh rate is FPS(frame per second) or Hz(hertz) which means the rate at which image is changed on screen. the standard refresh rate is 60Hz which is suitable for a low and medium work laptop.

The higher refresh rate is required for gaming. Higher the refresh rate laptop screen will be able to keep up with the fast-paced graphics.


screen bezels

Bezels are the plastic borders that surround the border of the display. bezels protect your screen from accidental damage. Lower the bezels bigger the display size you will gate.

2. Processor

processors intel

The processor is a very important part of the computer Also, you can call it the brain of a computer. Choosing the right processor is very important because it affects your pc performance while you are performing tasks on the laptop.

Here is the list of processors that are arranged according to their work from basic to heavy.

processors generations

The processor is a very important part of the computer Also, you can call it the brain of a computer. Choosing the right processor is very important because it affects your pc performance while you are performing tasks on the laptop.

There are lots of processors available for a laptop from basic to heavy. if you are a heavy worker then you should buy intel i3, i5, i7 series processors. these processors are built for heavy work.

There is also another company named AMD which also has processors made for basic to heavy work.

3. RAM (Random Access Memory)


RAM(Random Access Memory) increases the performance of the machine. RAM stores applications, games, and files that you are using in the current time. Extra ram makes multitasking easy.

For light work 2GB RAM is suitable. because light work does not require much ram. for surfing, streaming and browsing 2GB RAM is nice.

For medium work like multitasking, productivity work and light gaming 4GB RAM is sufficient. You can use multiple applications at the same time without any compromise.

For heavy work like gaming, video editing, photo editing or applications which require more hardware configurations 8GB RAM is suitable.

But some heavy software requires more than that so you can also buy a laptop with more than 8GB RAM like 16GB or 32GB and so on depends on your requirement.

RAM Types

DDR3: This RAM type is a little bit older and slower than DDR4. The power consumption of DDR3 RAM type is high which results in fast power drainage. With time these will vanish from the market and it becomes difficult to upgrade the laptop or pc.

DDR4: These RAMs are latest in the market and very much faster and better than the older DDR3 RAMs. These RAMs are less power consuming thus results in low battery drainage.

Always try to buy the laptop with DDR4 RAM because this will make your laptop more power-efficient. These RAMs are newer and easily available in the market rather than DDR3.

4. Upgradability


Before buying a laptop make sure that the laptop is upgradeable because some laptops cannot be upgradable because it has RAM soldered on a motherboard. In case you want to upgrade an RAM you can not do so.

Those laptops with fixed RAM and storage are suitable for light work like surfing, browsing, streaming, and other light work. Because these laptops are non-upgradable, in case you want to upgrade your laptop for some medium or heavy work then there are no options available.

Always try to buy an upgradeable laptop, as their costs are a little bit higher but they are beneficial for the future. you can upgrade and make changes according to your requirements.

Always buy a laptop with 4GB RAM and more because with time, applications and operating systems updates and require more RAM and storage.

5. Storage

laptop storage

Storage is an important part of the laptop because you need to store your documents, files, videos, and movies into storage. Always buy a laptop with storage capacity according to your requirements. you can also upgrade the storage of your laptop if the laptop is upgradable.

Do you know how many storage types are available? there are three options available HDD(Hard Disk Drive), SSD(Solid State Drive), SSHD(Solid State Hybrid Drive). according to the storage type their prices vary.


HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

With a low or medium budget, this HDD will give you lots of storage capacity you can buy a 500GB HDD less than 1800 INR. These are very less budget HDD.

HDD is a traditional storage device that is getting older and slower with time. Because it has a moving (Spinning) part inside for reading and writing data which makes HDD slower than the other devices.

SSD(Solid-State Drive)

If you love performance and speed then you should go for SSD. These drives are much expensive than the HDD but if we talk about performance no one can beat SSD.

SSD will boot your device in less than 8 seconds. SSDs are less power consuming drives because there is no moving part inside SSD. Your pc, as well as all the applications, will run faster when you install SSD into your laptop.

SSHD(Solid-State Hybrid Drive)

SSHD is a combination of SSD and HDD, it has both HDD and SSD for large storage and performance. Both 120GB SSD + 500GB HDD in the single drive for performance and storage.

Your files will load faster and smoother with SSD and you will get more storage to store data because of HDD. OS will be installed on SSD for faster performance and data including your files, videos, music and more will be stored on HDD.

6. Battery

Laptop battery

If your laptop has a bigger battery more hours of usage you will get. if you are buying a heavy laptop then a bigger battery is important. For heavy usage of laptop heavy battery requires which lasts long and stays strong.

Your activities on a laptop like gaming, WIFI, movies, connectivity impacts on battery life. So, how to identify the bigger battery?

Check for battery WHr(Watt-Hours) because of larger the WHr longer the battery lasts. If battery having more WHr longer it will last depending on the type of laptop whether it is heavy, light or medium usage laptop.

7. Graphics Card

graphics cards

There is always a dedicated graphical memory inside your laptop or pc which is used for basic functionality like browsing, basic gaming, watching videos, movies, and other basic work.

Graphics cards are like RAM but it is a VRAM(Video-RAM). Graphics cards are responsible for all of your visuals and graphics displayed on your screen.

Like RAMs in the laptop, the more Gigabytes of VRAM smoother you can play high graphic games, Full HD videos, even 4K videos on your laptop.

For most of the applications like Designing. Photoshop CC, AutoCAD requires graphics cards to run smoothly.

there are two types of graphics available for your laptops.

Integrated Graphics Card

These graphics cards are built-in graphics memory which can be used for basic work. like watching movies, very light video and photo editing and other works which do not require more memory.

Laptops with integrated graphics cards are useful for those who have light work on a laptop. preparing presentations, excel works, movies watching, and other basic work does not require more memory.

Integrated graphics are built-in in the intel processors which is sufficient for light use.

Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated graphics cards having more memory for heavy usages like designing, video editing, heavy gaming, and other work which require high graphical memory.

You can buy Laptops With Dedicated Graphics Cards because laptops with integrated graphics can not be upgradable and not suitable for heavy tasks. buy a laptop with dedicated graphics cards like NVIDIA or AMD.

Rember there is no option to upgrade graphics cards of your laptop, so think well before buying.

I have covered all the points to be noted while buying a laptop in the above article. Share this article with all of your friends and those who are searching to buy a laptop. Also, let me know if you like this laptop buying guide in comment section below.

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