5 Best Vault Apps for hiding photos and videos

Are you searching for the best vault apps for your android? for hiding photos and videos, you need to download a hiding app for android which is best for your requirement. some vault apps are looks like that they are not hiding apps.

Well, I will tell you the best hiding apps for android for hiding photos these are also a video hider apps means you can hide photos and videos with these vault apps. not only photos and videos you can also hide apps of your android device with these hiding apps to hide the app.

5 Best Vault Apps for hiding photos and videos

1. AppLock

hiding photos

This app has a userbase of more than 400 million users. AppLock by DoMobile Lab is one of the most popular and best hiding app for android. It turns any app into a vault app to hide photos and videos.

It locks down your gallery, cloud storage apps, file explorer app, or any other app that access your files. It is the best app to hide apps, which means you can hide other apps from this app.

It has a random keyboard and an invisible pattern lock. It has a variety of security measures in this app for hiding photos. For instance, you can hide it from the app drawer. No need to install any video hider app this app will do that work for you.

2. AppLock – Fingerprint

vault apk premium

This app has lots of amazing features including app lock, fake lock, notification lock its highlighting feature is it sends you photos by mail when someone is accessing your app without your permission.

This app is the best hiding app for android this app has a feature to lock the incoming call so that no one can accept or reject calls without your permission. Also, it has all features, including a function to record intruders, fingerprint support, a fake lock, and its also support for 31 languages.

This app can set different passwords for each app this app also includes support for remote lock functionality as well. It is the best vault app for android.

You can place the buttons arranged for a password randomly. this app restricts the unlock attempts to prevent others continue the attempt to unlock it. It supports the ability to lock incoming calls and supports the ability to lock WiFi, Bluetooth. You can auto-lock newly installed apps.

3. Clock – The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker

video hider app

Another photo hiding app, this vault app supports both video and image hiding along with a basic app lock function as well. you will get break-in alerts, fingerprint scanner support, themes, and much more with this video hider app.

This app has the ability to hide and replace the icon of the app and the fake password setup that shows fake images. Otherwise, it’s a fairly run-of-the-mill gallery vault.

It has a password recovery tool and uninstalls protection to prevent accidental deletion of all of your content. with this app, you can lock your messengers, gallery, browsers, Contacts, Email and any other apps you choose to lock, you can also lock Wifi and Bluetooth.

4. Calc Vault- Hiding Photos,Video Hider App

video vault apps

This app hides as a calculator app in your device which makes it difficult to observe that it is the vault app. This the best photo hiding app, you need to just import video and image content in the app and it will become invisible to your regular gallery.

Download photos and videos through the internet using a safe browser and stored secretly inside this app. You can create a fake vault with a different password for storing fake photos and videos.

This app uses the device administrator’s permission to prevent the secret gallery lock app from being uninstalled from kids or strangers. It is the best hiding app for android.

5. Norton App Lock

best hiding app for android

It doesn’t have so many features but is the best hiding photos app for android you can lock your photos and videos with this app. this app includes a few different passwords options, support for multiple apps, and it takes photos of people trying to break the app lock.

It is the advantage of this app that it’s anti-theft feature takes a photo of a thief or anyone who fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts but the disadvantage is it does not send pictures by mail it just save it into your device. it is the best hiding app for android.


Well, these are the best apps for hiding photos, videos, and other apps. If you are searching for apps to hide photos and video then these are the best apps that will help you to hiding photos. these apps are best for hiding photos and videos and also clicks the selfy of the thief and send it to your mail. If you don’t know how to hide any app on your android then click
3 Ways for Hiding Apps on Your Android Device

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