5 ways to increase the signal strength of the cell phone

Are you tired of your cell phone signals? Well, I will tell you 5 ways to increase the signal strength of the cell phone. all of these are not the proven ways but they will definitely reflect your signal strength.

It may be your carrier’s fault or any technical issue because of that your cell phone not receiving signals or receiving low signals. Sometimes your cell phone not receives signals because of signal-blocking materials in your surroundings. You should try to move towards the signal area or open area.

Service providers keep updating their services, during the update process on cell phone towers there may be chances of receiving low signals.

Today I am going to share the best 5 ways to increase the signal strength of your cell phones

5 ways to increase the signal strength of the cell phone

1. Remove your cell phone cover to increase the signal strength of cell phone

how to boost signal strength

Those users who use thicker cell phone cover they commonly face this type of problem they should remove cell phone cover. Because of the thickness of that cover antenna bands of cell phones get blocked.

2. Move toward an open area

how to increase signal strength

If you want to receive strong signals on your cell phone then you should move towards an open area. Let me tell you our cell phones continuously your surroundings from mobile towers. And they interact with most of the obstacles, due to obstacles signals strength get weaker. In such cases, the user should move towards an open area or move the phone towards the window.

3. Check your sim card

ways to increase signal strength

Sometimes cell phone stops receiving signals this because of dust on sim card or any other damage on it. You should remove the sim card and clean the sim card and then place it again.

Check the sim card physically that there is no physical damage. If physical damage occurs visit to the service center immediately. And keep checking sim card.

4. switch to 3G/2G network

tips to boost signal strength

If you use a 4G network and doesn’t receive signals on your phone then there may be chances of 4G unavailable on that area you should move towards the 2G/3G network. Which you can easily be done by following these steps

setting–>sim card and mobile network–>select network–>preferred network–>select 2G/3G.

Most of the devices move automatically to the 3G/2G network when they don’t receive signals.

5. Running low battery

tricks to increase signal strength

Most of the phones having those features when a battery is a low phone automatically switch to the power-saving mode. Because of the low battery getting signals on your phone is very difficult. You should close (force stop)the apps which you didn’t use and close all connectivity to save battery and to receive signals.

I hope these best 5 ways to increase the signal strength of your cell phone will help you to boost signals. If these methods don’t work for you then you can read 10 Easy Fixes To Improve Weak Cell Phone Signal Thank you.

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