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best ocr tools for android

4 best OCR tools for android

In this article we have covered 4 best OCR tools for android to extract text from images. Why to take loads of book just keep it into your android . Want to go paperless? Use these 4 best OCR tools for android.

1.Cam Scanner

It is one of the best apps to convert images to text. It is not only an OCR tool but also has different features like document scanning, PDf making, Advanced Document Editing.


*Quickly Digitize Document

 Use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, invoices, notes, certificates, whiteboard discussions, business cards, etc. 

>Share PDF/JPEG Files
Easily share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends via various ways: post on social media, send attachment or document download link through email. 

>Optimize Scan Quality
Smart cropping and auto enhancing ensures the texts and graphics in scanned documents are clear and sharp with premium colors and resolutions. 

>Extract Texts from Image
OCR (optical character recognition) feature recognizes texts in document images and extract them from images for later searching, editing or sharing. (Premium only)

>AirPrint & Fax Documents
Instantly print out any documents in CamScanner with nearby printer via AirPrint; directly select document and fax to over 30 countries from the app.

>Advanced Document Editing
Make annotations on documents with a full set of editing tools. Also adding customized watermarks are made available to mark your own documents.

>Quick Search 
When you have plenty of documents, you can use Tags to categorize and easily find them. In addition, OCR for Search helps you find texts inside image and notes. Just enter one keyword, you can quickly find the document you want. (Registrants only)

>Secure Important Documents
If you want to protect confidential contents, you can set passcode for viewing important documents; also, while sending document download link, you can set password to protect others from seeing it.

How to use? –

  1. Touch Camera icon to scan a document using camera.
  2. Open the image and tap on Recognize.
  3. Select an area to extract text from a particular section or tap Recognize full page to extract text from the whole image.D

2.Text Fairy

Another best app for OCR  It is fully designed to extract text from image. This app is capable of recognizing text from over 50 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, etc. It also supports Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, etc. 


• Converts an image to text.
• Correct the viewpoint of an image.
• Edit extracted text. 
• Copy extracted text into the clipboard for use in other apps.
• Convert the scanned page into PDF.
• Recognises printed text from more than 50 languages.
• Free and no ads.

How to use? –

  1. Tap on the Camera icon to capture an image.
  2. Tap on the forward arrow to proceed.
  3. Select whether the layout of the document is one-column or two-column.
  4. Choose the language of the text.
  5. Finally, tap Start.

3.Text scanner [OCR]

It is placed at third rank in our 4 best OCR tools for android list. This app is also support over 50 languages including Chinese, Japanese, French,etc. It also supports extracting text from handwritten text.


>highest speed reading
> highest accuracy reading
> Support photos of your album
> more than 50 languages
> Recognize handwriting
> Recognized text, it is possible to perform the following operation

4. Microsoft Office lens

The fourth app in our list which is one of the best app for OCR. It is the Microsoft product.
Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to OneNote,  OneDrive, or your local device.

How to use?:-

1.Press the Camera shutter button.

2.Tap Save.

3. In the “Save to” section, check Word document and tap the Check icon.

We have covered 4 best OCR tools for android. Hope this article will help you. please know me in comment.

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