28 Windows shortcut keys

 28 keyboard shortcuts for windows
Keyboard and computer shortcuts are designed to make routine computer functions quicker and easier. The only problem is that many of these have gone unnoticed by the average user. By using simple keyboard and computer shortcuts in the workplace, you can increase your producti vity and cut back on the strain caused by repetitive motions.
Most shortcuts serve to eliminate additional gestures that might involve your mouse or extra steps, such as selecting certain menus in the current window. The shortcuts below pertain specifically to PC users:
1.    Ctrl+A
Highlight everything in the current folder, document, or page.
2.    Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Insert
Copy the selected text, image, or item to the clipboard.
3.    Ctrl+X
Cut (remove) the selected text, image, or item and moves it to the clipboard.
4.    Ctrl+V
Paste contents of the clipboard into the current program or window.
5.    Ctrl+F
In most programs, this command opens up a search window (includes all browsers and most Office applications).
6.    Ctrl+S
Save an open document, file, or webpage (most browsers and programs).
7.    Ctrl+Z
Undo the last action performed (supported by most programs and browsers).
8.    Ctrl+Left arrow/Right arrow
Move your cursor to the start of the previous word (left) or to the beginning of the next word (right).
9.    Ctrl+Shift+Left arrow/Right arrow
Highlight the previous word (left) or highlight the next word (right).
10. Ctrl+Backspace
Delete the word to the left of your cursor.
11. Ctrl+Home
Move your cursor to the beginning of a document or page.
12. Ctrl+End
Move your cursor to the end of a document or page.
13. Esc
Cancel current/opened task.
14. Shift+Delete
Delete a highlighted item (permanently) without first moving it to the Recycle Bin.
15. Ctrl+Tab
Move through opened tabs.
16. Alt+Underlined letter
Perform corresponding command/shortcut or select the corresponding option.
17. Ctrl+Click / Shift+Click
Select more than one item or file
18. Shift+Arrow
Highlight text to the left or the right.
19. Ctrl+P
Print current document or page.
20. Ctrl+Shift+V
Paste current clipboard as plain text.
21. Alt+F4
Close any opened/active windows app.
22. Shift+F7
Open thesaurus lookup in Microsoft Word.
23. Ctrl+Shift+T
Reopen last closed browser tab.
24. Windows key+M
Minimize all opened windows.
25. Windows key+L
Lock your PC.
26. Ctrl+D
Bookmark the current webpage.
27. Ctrl+Shift+B/O
Open your bookmarks menu (depends on browser).
28. Ctrl+R (browser)
Refresh current page

These 28 windows shortcut keys are made for beginners who want to become a master in the computer.

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